Friday, January 25, 2008

Recap : My Amazing Summer in and out of Las Vegas

The airport, in general, is depressing, but the Vegas airport really
gives you a good idea what the rest of the country really looks like.
The thing about it is, I really don't want to know what the rest of
the country looks like, I've been to all the malls across our great
land and I get the vibe... Mental note : Drive to Vegas more often.

Reasons for me to go to Vegas :

Visit my best friend Bree (DJ 88) and her husband, AC, who decided to
leave Los Angeles to pursue a life in the City of Sin.
Travel with my band, She Wants Revenge, to perform a show.
DJ some parties that are typically filled with knuckle-heads.


The guys from 944 / Racket, who I love, really had a hand in making
my summer in Vegas, amazing.
They had a party one night at Lure, which is now called Blush, and
flew me out to spin. Best DJ experience ever!
We were all having drinks, when the time came for me to go on, Bree
was spinning before me, getting the party started.

1:12 am : Adam plays his first song.
1:14 am : Adam plays his second song.
1:15 am : Manager of Lure, unaccustomed to hearing good music,
immediately pulls Adam off the decks.
1:16 am : Adam stops playing records and freaks out.
1:16:30 am Everyone else freaks out.
1:17 am : DJ that works at Lure puts on Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock, "It
Takes Two".
1:17 am : Manager of Lure is very, very happy.
1:17 am : Everyone else is not happy.
1:25 am : David from 944 and Adam have a battle of wits.
1:28 am : We kill the bottle of Patron and bail.

Lure rules!

Hanging at Tryst with DJ Create and crew :

One beautiful Sunday night we all rolled down to Tryst to hang with
our good friend Dave Fogg (DJ Create) and I was invited to do a set...
I was on a mid 90's hip hop mission that night, and was ready to drop
some gems.

2:27 am : Adam plays his first gem.
2:28 am : Manager of Tryst comes running in the booth and says, "
Suge Knight is here, stop playing hip hop!"
2:29 am : Adam's mid 90's hip hop mission comes to an end.
2:49 am : Adam is at the bar ordering a drink.
2:50 am : Suge and his lady friend park at the bar next to Adam.
2:51 am : Adam farts on Suge's lady friend.
2:51:13 am : Suge's lady friend moves away, with the quickness.
2:52 am : We all die laughing.

Tryst Rules!

The Griffin, random Friday, spinning with DJ 88 :

Back room of the Griifin.
8 people.
Apparently the Juke box in the front room is blessed.

Drunk guy : "You should let me hop on the tables with you guys, my
name is George Leonard, I produce songs for Madonna."
"Totally, dude."
"I produce songs for Madonna."
"Um, totally, dude."
"I'll play some really, really, really great tunes if you let me get
"What songs did you produce?"
"My studio is in Prague."
"Er, um, where in Prague? I have friends who live there..."
"You know, the south side, I told you, my name is Hans Reginald, my
studio is in Prague..."
"Did you know that Pathological liars, or, "mythomaniacs", may be
suffering from histrionic personality disorder or narcissistic
personality disorder? Here is a quick checklist to tell if someone is
a pathological liar : 1. They add exaggerations on to every sentence.
2. They change their story all the time. 3. They believe what they
say is true, when everyone else knows that it isn't. 4. They are
legends in their own minds. Kick rocks."

Gwen Stefani After Party at Moon :

They guy spinning before me was playing the usual suspects, to a room
jam packed with tourists and a few celebs.
I, once again, was on a late 80's to mid 90's hip hop mission. At
this point in my DJ career, I just want to play dope shit, so you can
imagine the problems I may encounter, doing so, for a room filled
with people who want to hear "Umbrella".

Blonde girl wearing something too small : "Are you gonna play any hip
"What would you call what I'm playing now?" (Gang Starr / Mass Appeal)
"Old. Can you play something good?"
"When requesting a song, it's probably a good idea not to tell the DJ
that what he's playing is bad. C'mon, darling, it's all about people
"Just put on some Timberlake, please!!!"
"I weep for the future."

The DJ who was to go on after me was jealous that he couldn't play
what I was playing. He kept saying, "Wow."

Paris, of course, showed up.
"Could you play Michael Jackson?"
"You don't know it yet, but in a few months, you're going to violate
your probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case and go to
prison for 45 days... Michael Jackson, coming right up!"

Guy in Shiny Shirt : "Hey, bro, could you put on "World Hold On"?"
"Only if I can have some of that blow that's on your mustache..."
"Hey, buddy, you kid me, right?"
"Blow, hold on."

Gwen and crew finally showed, I dropped dancehall gems, got yelled at
by blonde girls, good times for all.

944 2-Year Anniversary Weekend :

I rolled to Vegas with my band to perform at the Hard Rock for the
guys at 944. Outside. Summer. Off to a good start.
DJ 88 opened for us, of course, and killed it, of course.
We played in front of a pool, with all the people crowded around the
sides of the pool, mostly directly across the pool from us, and
nobody was allowed in the pool, except the lifeguard. And a beach
ball. Weird.
The show went well, we played new songs, people got drunk, it was hot
and everyone had a good time.
After the show we went to Body English with all the 944 guys and had
a little after party in the little VIP room they have there, which I,
of course, was the DJ.
Honestly, best party ever...
The next night someone was doing blow off of someone else's boot.

Vegas rules!

Bottles of Patron killed : 6
Guys in shiny shirts : Infinite
Tribal Tattoos : Infinite
Times I saw Lil' Jon make it rain : 1
Times DJ Five stood next to Lil' Jon, while he made it rain : 1
Cabs : 13
Offers for bumps : 23
Real World / Seattle Celebs : 1
Times Paris asked for MJ : 3
Times I imagined my "Happy Place" : 7
Money won at the roulette table: $71
Buffets: 0
Times I saw the Mamu : 1
Air conditioner in my room : 65 degrees
Mini bar bill : $ 125
Shots at the Artisan (Favorite hotel ever) : Can't remember
New BFFs made : 3
Hours of sleep : 5
Top 40 songs played : 0
Times a girl asked me to play some hip hop when I was already playing
hip hop : 3
944 / Racket guys wasted : 14
Times I will go back to party with the 944 / Racket Guys : Infinite
Times I will go back to Lure / Blush, whatever : 0


AaronFlux said...

Gangstarr's Mass Appeal!??!

Dude I need to go a club that plays good hip hope like that.


Oscurotrophic said...

Somehow I think a pool-party concert deal might end terribly, but it would be a fun sinking ship to ride down.